Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekend update.

It is our first true Wintery weekend. It was a strange Summer, either blisteringly hot or just mild like Spring. Then Indian Summer lasted longer than usual right through till April until the weather cooled. When I was young I longed for Summer and hated being cold. Now that I am older I find the heat harder to cope with and have felt a sense of relief at the dawn of this winter. Aaargh, ageing what a wondrous, mystical process it is!

Entering this blog is just a form of procrastination to take me away from editing my second book. I love writing, not so keen on editing.
Hi all,

It is a very exciting time for me. My first novel is in the final stages of being published. I received my copy for appraisal today and have forwarded the final changes to my publisher, once complete it will go to print. WOW! I cannot describe what it felt like to hold something I created in my hands.

Anyway the title is The Sapphire's Promise and is the story of a young girl growing up in rural Australia. Hopefully it will be available via and Barnes and in the next few weeks.

Will update blog when it is released. In the meantime I am editing my second novel and have started the third.

I guess I am an honest to God author now!