Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekend update.

It is our first true Wintery weekend. It was a strange Summer, either blisteringly hot or just mild like Spring. Then Indian Summer lasted longer than usual right through till April until the weather cooled. When I was young I longed for Summer and hated being cold. Now that I am older I find the heat harder to cope with and have felt a sense of relief at the dawn of this winter. Aaargh, ageing what a wondrous, mystical process it is!

Entering this blog is just a form of procrastination to take me away from editing my second book. I love writing, not so keen on editing.


  1. Wow, nearly the end of June, the first month of winter almost over. Still no indication of release date for my book (sigh!). Last few changes being made to cover and text, will update when news available.

  2. WOOOOOHOOO! Press release received this a.m. Book officially available! Web address:

  3. Wow it's a very exciting time for me. My head is spinning with press releases and marketing campaigns. Hey I just wanted to write. I am about to do a flyer run to a heap of local bookstores who will hopefully pick it up.

    Please visit the website, see the lovely bright cover and take a dip into the world of Cammy, Tanderra and Miss Millie.

    It is also now available via!

  4. Forgive me, blogging is new to me and I am still getting used to how to make posts. My book has started selling and it is very exciting. I lost my father just over two years ago and I really wish he could have seen this happen. I dedicated the book to him and hope somehow, someway he knows. I will try to update the proper way when I figure out how.

  5. Marnie, congratulations for your book! Publishing is such a slow business but it's great to finally see all that effort put into print :)

  6. I used to loathe editing, but now I am having fun with it: the story is told and I need do is make it better!

  7. Thank you guys for your support I really appreciate it. I know I should update more often but I now have four email addresses and am subscribed to multiple other writers blog. *holds head in hands*. Anyway I have now finished editing Ariel's Charm and I am really happy with it. Fingers crossed it may be my first best seller. I am now about ten chapters into the third which is a sequel to Ariel's Charm. Otherwise not much is happening, it is my birthday next weekend *feeling old, thinking of cancelling all future birthdays*. I will be heading to Melbourne to spend it with my family.

    Keep posting, I love to hear from you all.

  8. Our strange spring weather continues. Yesterday was our first true summery day at 29c. Now today is cold and wet again.

    I suffered major writers block this week. Finally cured by going over my outline and tweaking it again. In fact I ended up drafting the final chapter. It was bubbling around in my mind and I needed to get it down on paper. Unfortunately I can also feel a fanfiction coming on. *get thee behind me satan!*

    I will try to update more regularly but I have a few personal dramas at the moment.

  9. It is a glorious late spring day, temperature 29c. I live on the coast and walk along our waterfront regularly. This morning it was stunning.

    Onto other things, I am currently teaching creative writing and I love it. It is interesting and challenging. It is wonderful to get the ideas and insights of a group of people from such varied backgrounds. When I was asked to do this class I felt unqualified as I am not a teacher. In the end I approached it with the attitude that if I could pass on 1/10 of my passion for literature and writing I will have succeeded. I am happy to say it seems to be working.

    I am feeling a need to vent so decided my blog will make an excellent forum. There are two issues that are causing me increasing concern in our society. One is the increasing level of lawlessness and violent crime in our community. I honestly feel physically sick when I hear news stories of elderly people being bashed and robbed. I cannot imagine the thought processes of someone who could commit these acts. It is the attitude of preying on the very old or very young that really shows the lack of morals in these individuals. There is such a broad canvas of these types of crimes that show an inherent disregard for people and property. It broke my heart recently when I went on a group walk through a conservation area to learn about the local plant and animal life. At the end of the walk is a board walk overlooking a mangrove swamp. I could not believe it when I saw grafitti carved into the jetty. I will never understand the need these people have to destroy or deface anything they can get their hands on. This brings me to my second area of concern. As mentioned earlier I went for a lengthy walk on my local beach this morning. I was really shocked and disgusted to note that as the tide came in it brought with it masses of human garbage. Empty drink bottles, cans, food wrappers, cigarette packs all floating in our oceans. When I saw this I could not help thinking that in many ways we are an unevolved species. We have still not learnt how to live in harmony with our environment. I sincerely hope both of these issues are rectified or prevented if not by our generation then by the next.

    Okay rant over!

  10. It has been quite a while since I posted here so no time like the present. I have submitted the manuscript for my second novel and am now hanging on tenterhooks waiting for a response. This one is exciting for me. It is my first attempt at a fantasy novel. I initially started writing it as a challenge due to my love of writers like J.K.Rowling. I surprised myself by churning it out in six months. I then spent the next six months editing and improving the story. Apart from writing I am teaching again and have found the love of my life which is also exciting.

  11. Three years since my last post. OMG! I am slack. I have been flat out with the release of my second novel Ariel's Charm, which is available through my publisher's website and through Amazon. It is the story of a thirteen year old girl who grew up in an orphanage in America and knows nothing of her background or parents. One day an elderly man comes into her life and tells her that he knew her parents and has come to take her home.

    Ariel's home turns out to be a different world called Walhalla. Ariel's parents were King and Queen there. She must overcome her fears and travel to a new world, which is currently being run by a cruel despot named Largo.

    Ariel must try to overcome his menace to meet her destiny.

    I am really proud of this book and I am currently writing the sequel titled Walhalla. I hope it will be released some time next year.